Kidney Dialysis in Aurangabad


Plasmapheresis is a procedure in which a machine is used to separate the plasma (the liquid part of the blood) from the blood cells. After the plasma is separated from the blood cells, the blood cells are mixed with a liquid to replace the plasma and are returned to the body. Plasmapheresis, also called plasma exchange, is often done to remove extra antibodies, abnormal proteins, or other harmful substances from the blood. It may be used to treat certain types of blood disorders, autoimmune disorders, nervous system disorders, or other conditions.

What are the benefits of plasmapheresis?

If you’re receiving plasmapheresis as a treatment for weakness or an autoimmune disorder, you may begin to feel relief in as little as a few days. For other conditions, it may take a few weeks before you notice any changes in your symptoms.

Kidney Dialysis in Aurangabad can provide this procedure to effectively manage various conditions. Plasmapheresis is a valuable tool in treating a range of disorders, and its benefits can be experienced relatively quickly in some cases. If you’re undergoing plasmapheresis for weakness or an autoimmune disorder, you may start feeling relief within just a few days. However, for other conditions, it might take a few weeks before noticeable improvements in symptoms occur. Plasmapheresis effectively removes harmful substances from the blood, making it a crucial treatment option for several medical conditions. Kidney Dialysis in Aurangabad offers this procedure, ensuring optimal care and management of various health issues.

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