Perma Catheter

Perma Catheter

A Permacath is a catheter, a special IV device, that medical professionals insert into a blood vessel, likely in your neck. Permacaths, aka permanent catheters, allow less interrupted access to your bloodstream over an extended period. 

They can be used for several medical procedures, such as administering medicines and apheresis, which is a technique for separating donated blood components to address illnesses such as leukemia, sickle cell disease, and other ailments. However, permacaths may be a good option for those needing dialysis, the treatment for those with kidney failure. 

What Is the Purpose of a Permacath?

It’s likely not convenient to have needles repeatedly inserted and removed when you need medical treatments that require access to your bloodstream multiple times a week. This is why a permacath is useful. As dialysis is often an hours-long procedure occurring several times a week, having a permacath means you wouldn’t necessarily need a new catheter inserted and removed every time you go for treatment. 

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